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12058 days! Finally won the championship!

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The moment when dreams come true! The new Serie A champion has been born!

Congratulations to Naples, 33 years of waiting have finally come true!! Congratulations to Spalletti, who has finally become the coach of the Serie A champions at the age of 64.

On the evening of May 4th local time, in a crucial match in the 33rd round of Serie A, Napoli visited the Stadio Friuli. Osmaine scored a equalizing goal in the second half, helping the leaders draw 1-1 with Udinese and securing a crucial point on their way to the championship, winning the Serie A championship five rounds ahead of schedule.

This is also the first league championship winner to be announced among the five major European leagues in the 2022-23 season.

Napoli’s championship is no longer a suspense, after all, throughout the season, the azzurri have been at the top of the table, surpassing the top of the Serie A teams. The Milan duo, Juventus, Bluehawks, and Roma are all unforgettable. Napoli’s lead was once close to 20 points, and winning the championship was just a matter of how many rounds ahead of time.

But no matter what, the moment of truly becoming a champion is always the most exciting peak experience.

Just like last night at the Friuli Stadium, with the referee blowing the final whistle, everything became crazy.

The stadium instantly erupted with a huge sound wave, causing the Napoli players to boil, and the Napoli fans who accompanied the team on the expedition also became boiling! Everyone rushed into the stadium to embrace and celebrate, stunned to turn the away game into a home game.

Naples is even more passionate and wild, with no one sleeping tonight. Fans flock to the streets, riding motorcycles and driving small cars, singing and humming songs. We are champions!

There is a video on social media that shows Napoli fans setting off fireworks like scenery, stunning the entire city, so beautiful that it feels like entering a fairyland.

The Naples people cannot celebrate this championship too much. Because similar celebration scenes are not many and precious. We know that in the traditional top three, Juventus have won 36 Serie A championships, while Milan and Inter have each won 19.

But this time, Napoli only won the Serie A championship for the third time. It was 33 years since their last championship, or if Meow gave another exact time: 12058 days ago, it was still the golden age of Diego Maradona.

Yes, there is a divine will in everything.

We have opened the annals of time and history. In the seasons 1986 87 and 1989 90, Maradona led Napoli to break through the monopoly of the top three teams in the north and won the Serie A championship twice. These are the first two league championships in Napoli’s history.

At that time, AC Milan were ruling the Champions League, and the three Dutch swordsmen Van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Rijkaard were awe inspiring. At that time, Inter Milan, the German troika of Matthaus, Klinsmann, and Bremer were equally fierce in all directions, like the sun in the sky.

But who is Maradona? He is the strongest single core team leader in history and the most unruly fighter. He has brought Naples to the championship podium.

Due to Maradona’s reasons, the Argentine national team and Napoli also have a different relationship. The last two Argentine World Cups have been won, and Napoli have both won the Serie A championship in the following season.

In the 1986 Mexico World Cup, Maradona led Argentina to win the championship; In the 1986-87 season, Maradona led Napoli to win the Serie A championship.

In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Messi led Argentina to win the third World Cup in team history; In the 2022-23 season, Napoli won their third Serie A championship in team history.

That’s why Maradona is still the football totem and spiritual mentor of Argentina and Napoli, and no one can replace him.

On November 25, 2020, Old Ma left us prematurely, but when he went to heaven, he still remembered two things: Argentina and Naples.

Nowadays, the spirit of Old Madrid in heaven will also feel relieved, because the two teams he is most concerned about have both achieved good results – Argentina won the World Cup after 36 years, and Napoli won the Serie A championship after 33 years.

This is for you, Diego!

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