De GEA butter hand incarnation, Chelsea 3-1 victory over Manchester United, with Arsenal for the championship!

In another match in the FA Cup semi-final, which ended this morning, Chelsea beat Manchester United 3-1 to reach the FA Cup final. The FA Cup final will be a London derby, with Chelsea and Arsenal competing for the title.

  1. De GEA refused the butterman

Manchester United lost in the FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea yesterday. David de GEA is responsible for three goals from Chelsea. Especially in Mount’s long-range goal, the Spanish international is fully capable of rejecting the goal. De GEA made some mistakes in the game, but until the end of the game, coach Solskjaer has been defending the Spaniard, he believes that de GEA is still the best goalkeeper in the world.

The victorious Chelsea head high into the final of this season’s FA Cup, in which the blues led by Lampard will face the Gunners’ Arsenal led by city team Arteta, which will be staged on August 1.

At the same time, the final round of La Liga is over and the final result of each team is settled.

La Liga Champion: Real Madrid

Champions League teams: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla

European League teams: Villarreal (fifth in the league, Europa League), Royal Society (sixth in the League), Champions League of Kings / seventh Granada

Relegated teams: Spaniard, Mallorca, leganese

The official good news comes from the restart of the Champions League: the remaining schedule of the last 16 of the Champions League has also been determined, and the four second round matches that have not yet finished will be held at 3:00 a.m. Beijing time on August 8 and 9. The remaining four second leg matches will still be played in the original home and away venues.

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