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FA Cup king, Arsenal are champions! Europa League qualification also got, pity wolves!!

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After 1162 days, Arsenal again won the FA Cup, which is also Arteta’s first cup after taking over.

In the history of the FA Cup, Arsenal are worthy of being king. So far, the Gunners have won 14 FA Cups, followed by 12 time champions Manchester United and 8 time champions Tottenham. FA Cup king!

  1. Arsenal qualify for the Europa League

Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 to qualify for next season’s Europa League. Pulic scored the first goal for the blues. Obamayan scored twice to help the Gunners complete the reversal. AZP, plicic and Pedro were all injured and Kovac was sent off. In addition, with this win, in the league’s poor record of Arsenal won the next season’s Europa League qualification. Tottenham, sixth in the league, need to play three qualifying rounds if they want to enter the Europa League group stage next season. (the 2nd round of EU qualification + the 3rd round of qualification + 1 additional round). In addition, wolves, who are ranked seventh, have no chance to win a place in Europe through League rankings.

Number of FA Cup Champions:

  1. Arsenal: 14
  2. Manchester United: 12
  3. Chelsea: Eight
  4. Spurs: 8
  5. Liverpool: seven titles
  6. Villa: 7
  7. Newcastle: 6
  8. Manchester City: 6
  9. Blackburn: 6
  10. Everton: 5

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