FA Cup top 32 draw: Manchester United vs Liverpool

The fourth round draw of the FA Cup is over and the top 32 teams are out. Among them, Liverpool beat Manchester United, Chelsea beat Luton, Tottenham vs Wycombe, Manchester City vs Cheltenham, and Arsenal will play the winner between Southampton and Shrewsbury

The focus of the third round of the 2020 / 21 FA Cup is on Villa Park. Liverpool beat Aston Villa 4-1 away, maneme scored twice, vernaldum and Salah scored, and 17-year-old Barry leveled. As villa outbreak, the team is two teams, the average age is less than 19 years old.

So far, Barry has become the youngest Premier League player to score in the FA Cup in eight years.

After the game, Barry exchanged jerseys with Liverpool player fabinho for souvenir.

However, after changing back to the Jersey, a staff member reminded Barry: This is your first show game, you should leave your first show Jersey as a memento.

So Barry found fabinho in the player channel and explained the situation to him. It is worth mentioning that fabinho heard of the situation, readily returned the shirt to Barry.

Fans saw this behind the scenes, one after another on twitter message: “this will be Barry this child’s life will cherish the moment, great!” This is the meaning of football I’m glad to see such a scene.

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