[Focus] Premier League champion, Manchester City!

2020-21 Premier League champion born! Manchester United lost 1-2 to Leicester in the thirty-sixth round of the Premier League. This game officially declared that Manchester city has become the British overlord of this season by pressing the old rivals of the same city, and regained the Premier League throne lost for 1 year. This is the fifth Premier League Championship that Manchester City has won. It is the seventh time in the history of the top league that Manchester City has won.

In the middle of the season, Manchester City scored 21 consecutive victories, while Guardiola has won the Premier League three times since he came to power. He has won the championship for the third time in nearly four years. He also won the 31st championship in his coaching career, ranking third in history.

Manchester City won the fifth Premier League title and tied with Chelsea, the 13th in the history of the Premier League next only to Manchester United.

Guardiola has won his third Premier League title in his coaching career, equalling Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho, with 13 titles in Premier League history second only to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Solskjaer: “congratulations to Manchester City for winning the championship. They deserve it. The championship is also what we want to achieve, but we haven’t achieved it yet. City have set the standard and we have to do it next.

Guardiola has been in charge for 12 years and won 31 titles, ranking fourth in the coaching championship

  1. Ferguson, 49
  2. Lucescu, 33
  3. Valeri lobanovsky, 33 champions
  4. Guardiola, 31
  5. Scolari, 28
  6. Ottomar Heathfield, 28 champions
  7. Jock Stein, 26
  8. Jose, 25 champions
  9. Giovanni Trapattoni, 23 champions
  10. Arsene Wenger, 21 champions

Congratulations to Manchester City once again: Premier League champions!

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