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Is the Premier League defeated in Europe because it is too tired?

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In the semi-final of the Europa League, Manchester United suffered a 1-2 reversal by Sevilla. After the red devils were eliminated from the game, the Premier League team has been destroyed in Europe. For the first time since the 2014 / 2015 season, there are no Premier League teams in the Champions League final and the Europa League final.

The Premier League also unified Europe last season

The only lucky thing for the Premier League is that, as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia and other strong teams have also been out of the European war, Sevilla is the only one left in the Spanish League. In terms of the score of the European war this season, the Premier League will not be widened by the league.
Last season’s European war, the Premier League team is incomparably splendid. Tottenham and Liverpool are in the Champions League final, while Chelsea and Arsenal are in the Europa League final. But this season is not what it used to be. There will be no Premier League teams in the final of the Champions League and the European League.

  1. Manchester City are in the last eight again!
    There are seven Premier League teams in Europe this season. In the Champions League, three teams are still in the top 16! Tottenham were beaten by Leipzig 0-4 in two rounds; defending champions Liverpool were eliminated in extra time by Atletico Madrid, and Chelsea were defeated by Bayern Munich 1-7 on aggregate. Although city beat Real Madrid to the last eight, they were defeated by Lyon. So far, there was no Premier League in the semi-final of the Champions League.

So the question is, why did this year’s Premier League giants lose their links in the Champions League? In fact, there are only two reasons. First, the strength of these teams has declined to a certain extent, and their opponents have played very well; second, the Champions League knockout has changed from two rounds to a game of life and death, which increases the chance of the game and is conducive to the weak side’s counter attack.

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