Manchester City are the winners when Manchester United draw with Liverpool!

Beijing time on January 18, the 19th round of the Premier League, Manchester United away 0-0 draw with Liverpool, B fee and bogba missed the opportunity. Manchester United have been unbeaten for 16 away games in the Premier League with 37 points. Liverpool have been unbeaten for four games in a row, especially in the last three.

After the game, Liverpool manager krop said: the performance of Liverpool was enough to win, but we didn’t get the goal!

Solskjaer: “I think our performance in this game is gradually improved. In the final stage, we are trying to win. We create two excellent opportunities and the other goalkeeper makes two wonderful saves.” Bogba’s performance is wonderful, he deserves a goal!

Liverpool drew 0-0 at home with Manchester United. It’s an unacceptable result for defending champion Liverpool. After all, they are playing at home. But now, Liverpool have set an embarrassing 16 year record. So far, Manchester City are the top favourites in the Premier League, Liverpool second, Manchester United third and Tottenham fourth.

Then, in the 19th round of the 2020 / 21 Premier League season, a focus battle started at Etihad stadium. Manchester City beat Crystal Palace 4-0 at home, stone scored twice, and jingduo’an and Stirling scored. Manchester City are close to the top of the table with five wins in a row.

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