Manchester City debrone is back in training as the Premier League is in turmoil again and the prospect of defending Liverpool’s title is unknown!

For a long time, Liverpool, Manchester City twins, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs are almost all hard to shake in the Premier League, so that they are honored as the Premier League Big6 by fans. But in the past two years, this pattern is quietly changing.

Leicester City, which had won the Premier League trophy five years ago, was once again in the second spring under Rogers last season, and finally almost reached the top four. Wolves, which only came to the Premier League for only two years, played unexpected wolf football and showed the dark horse posture for two consecutive years With the teams throwing money to strengthen the team this summer, the position of Big6 in the Premier League has begun to crumble in the new season.

Everton beat Brighton 4-2 at home in the fourth round of the Premier League. What does the ball mean? The team has won four consecutive games in a row. This is the first time Everton has won four straight Premier League games since 1969-70. It’s worth mentioning that in that season, Everton finally won the league title. Until the draw with Liverpool in the last round, we have got 4 wins and 1 draw at present!!

Aston Villa is an old team in the Premier League, but its strength has been declining in recent years. Last season, it was in danger of being relegated. In the first two premier league matches, it defeated Sheffield United and promoted horse Fulham, and the English League Cup was eliminated by Stoke City. The media generally believed that Aston Villa’s two consecutive victories in the Premier League were mainly due to the weak opponent’s strength, but in this match against the Red Army and Liverpool, Aston Villa was in charge The 7-2 victory surprised the media and fans and created the biggest surprise in the new season of the European Football League.

Shortly after the start of the new season, Liverpool had a big blow. Van Dyke suffered a serious injury in last week’s Merseyside derby. Liverpoolfc officials have also confirmed that Van Dyke will undergo knee surgery in the near future.

Van Dyke has played in all of Liverpool’s Premier League games since January 2018, during which he helped the team play 93 games, won 72 games and scored 10 goals.

According to city’s official news, team generals debrourne and Laporte have returned to training.

Earlier, debrourne and Laporte missed last night’s 3-1 win over Porto and the Premier League win over Arsenal last weekend due to injuries. But the two are now recovering and can train with city’s players for Saturday’s game against West Ham.

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