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Manchester City draw with Liverpool, Tottenham beat West Brom, bell injured again!

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In the early hours of the game, VAR constantly snatched the ball, debrane, Ibrahimovic and others lost points. In the Premier League, Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Manchester City, debrourne missed a penalty kick and the Red Army missed the chance to reach the top. Leicester City can stay at the top of the table for two weeks on International Day!!!

Manchester City draw 1-1 with Liverpool, Tottenham’s win over bell is out of action

Manchester City will play in the Premier League in the early hours of the 21st-30th. When Bouguer loses the ball, Mahmoud scores the first half. In the second half, gersus missed the opportunity and Arnold retired. In the end, city 1-1, Liverpool.

It’s not Kane’s last-minute header, spurs may have to drop out of the top three of the Premier League. It is worth mentioning that this is also Kane’s 150th Premier League goal, tied with Owen in the Premier League’s top scorer list 9. Kane scored 150 goals in 218 games, ranking third in Premier League history. Is this what you call British Empire

It is important to note that bell, after the game against West Brom, received a team doctor’s ice compress in the stands. At present has already had the glass man physique bell, this right ankle has the matter, lets the Muliniao is very worried. After all, Tottenham will face a month of devilish schedule after the return of the national team match day, with Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Liverpool, Leicester City wolves, none of which is easy to deal with.

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