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Manchester City offer Messi 5 years of 750 million euro! Lionel Messi refused to detect Barca’s pre-season virus.

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According to ESPN, Manchester City have offered Messi a sky high contract for five years, including the first three years in Manchester City and the second two years in FC New York City, a North American subsidiary. Messi will receive an annual salary of 100 million euro before tax (60 million euro after tax), while the total value of the contract is as high as 750 million euro, and the source of another 250 million yuan is still unknown. But the premise of the above spending is that Messi will join Manchester City on his own. In addition, city’s signing of Messi at a total cost of 750 million euro is also a serious violation of the financial equity scheme!!

  1. Macy’s liquidated damages are still valid

A few days ago, Messi refused to attend the pre-season virus test arranged by Barcelona, he asked to leave the team more and more determined. However, British and Spanish media have revealed that Manchester City have offered him a huge contract, and once Messi joins the city, he can earn a total of 675 million pounds (750 million euros).

As for Messi’s contract, many media have given different explanations recently. The La Liga think it is more convenient to clarify:

Messi’s contract with Barcelona contains a “termination clause” which applies to the player’s unilateral early termination of the contract. According to the rules, if the player fails to pay the termination fee, the La Liga League will not start the relevant departure procedures. The contract is still in force.

We are looking forward to meeting again!!

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