Manchester City set a humiliating record and was hanged and juggled by opponents

In the early morning of July 6, Beijing time, Manchester City played Southampton in the 33rd round of the 19th / 20th season. Originally, it was seen as a great disparity between strength and weakness, but it was a big surprise. Southampton won 1-0, and Che Adams scored the only goal in the game with a 40 meter long sling shot. After the game, Guardiola suffered the first three consecutive league away defeat, which is the first time in his career such an embarrassment.

  1. Where is Messi going?

Ha ha Just beat Liverpool into a sieve, but unexpectedly capsized in the gutter, which is the charm of football!! City’s highest point of the season is 81, lower than Liverpool’s 82 in March when the outbreak was suspended.

This season, city’s goals are in the Champions League and the FA Cup. In the Champions League, city scored 16-8 and beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the first leg, and the situation is bright! In the FA Cup, Manchester City have reached the last four, the semi-finals, their opponent is Arsenal!

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