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Salary cut off the cliff! Officially announced the contract

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Late on the night of May 12, local time, La Liga giants Barcelona and Premier League team Aston Villa officially announced at the same time that Brazil international Coutinho completed a permanent transfer, and he will sign with Villa until the summer of 2026.

Barcelona pointed out in the official announcement that Coutinho’s transfer fee is 20 million euros (equivalent to 17 million pounds), and Barcelona will retain 50% of Coutinho’s second transfer share.

The former Liverpool No. 10, who was acclimatized in La Liga, still followed a realistic choice and moved his stage back to the Premier League.

In January 2018, Coutinho left Liverpool to join Barcelona. The sum of the basic transfer fee and the additional bonuses paid reached 160 million euros (equivalent to 147 million pounds), becoming the leader of the Barcelona team’s history of signings.

But Coutinho’s road to Camp Nou was not smooth, and he gradually became a bench player after a season. In the 2019-20 season, Kubird was loaned to Bayern and won the Champions League with Flick’s invincible battleship. In January of this year, Barcelona loaned the Brazilian, who only started 5 times in the first half, to Villa.

After joining on loan, Coutinho has played 16 Premier League games for Villa so far, handing over 4 goals and 3 assists.

In 106 games played for Barcelona, ​​Coutinho scored 26 goals and assisted 13 times, won 2 La Liga titles and 2 Copa del Rey titles. At the moment of farewell, Barcelona’s official media sent a picture to thank Kubird and wished the players good luck in the future.

Villa coach Gerrard insisted on signing Coutinho, spending only 20 million euros to sign a Brazil international, which is an excellent signing for Villa.

Gerrard said: “Since joining, Coutinho has been a professional role model for the entire team. He is a great role model for young players and has an impact on and off the pitch. Our transfer department was very decisive and successfully completed this transfer. .”

But on the other hand, it is undeniable that Barcelona’s bet on Coutinho is almost worthless. It was purchased for 147 million pounds and now sold for 17 million, which is equivalent to a net loss of 130 million.

Coutinho originally had a one-year contract with Barcelona. The “Daily Telegraph” revealed that in order to join Villa smoothly, Cubird gave up the weekly salary of 470,000 pounds before tax during the Barcelona period, and the weekly salary in the new owner Villa was only 12.5 10,000 pounds, equivalent to a 73% pay cut, which is not a big sacrifice.

In general, although the performance of Coutinho’s stadium did not meet Barcelona’s expectations, there is no problem with the professional attitude and integrity of the players, and they will not lie down for the high salary. Kubird, who turned 30 in June this year, still has competitive pursuits, such as participating in this year’s World Cup. This requires that the bird must be the main force in the club, and Villa is the best stage.

It is worth mentioning that after completing the transfer, Coutinho posted two updates on social media, one thanking Barcelona and the other thanking Villa, full of emotional intelligence.

In a post saying goodbye to Barcelona, ​​Coutinho wrote: “Playing for Barcelona is a dream I have had since I was a child, and I am honored to be able to realize it! I am grateful for everything I encountered in Barcelona, ​​my teammates who struggled together, and the coaching staff who strategized strategies. , passionate fans and hardworking staff, and now I’m coming to the end of this journey. Thank you!”

Say goodbye to the past and start the future. Coutinho thanked the new club for the opportunity: “Today I officially open a new chapter in Villa. I am very happy to have such an opportunity, thank the club and the coaching staff for their trust, thank the fans for their love and the company of my teammates, I hope my new Good luck on your journey, come on Vera.”

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