Semi final curse, Manchester United 0-2, Manchester City! Guamu fight in the final!

United have fallen to the semi-finals four times in a row

In the semi-final of the English League Cup, Manchester City won 2-0 away from Manchester United, and stone and Fernando scored. Manchester City have been in the final for four years in a row and will face Tottenham in the final, after winning three consecutive titles. (due to the epidemic, the semi-final of this season’s Carling Cup has changed from two rounds to a single match.)

After the game, Manchester United star Roy Keane said: it’s not easy to win the championship. B fee has been highly praised in recent months. People compare him with Cantona. To win the top B, it’s a lot of things that we have to do in the past

The team may need one or two more players to join the team, and mentality – they need to win the second semi-final confidence in order to pierce this layer of window paper, and to have motivation. They don’t have that tonight.

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2019-2020 season, Carling Cup semi-final, 2-3 loss to Manchester City

2019-2020 season, FA Cup semi-final, 1-3 loss to Chelsea

In the 2019-2020 season, the semi-final of the Europa League will lose 2-1 to Sevilla

2020-2021 season, semi-final of League Cup, 0-2 loss to Manchester City

Carling Cup final: Guamu

Time: April 25

In the English League Cup, Tottenham city meet in the final. The champions of the previous three carling cups are all Manchester City. If Guardiola leads Manchester City to win the cup again, it will be their fourth consecutive Carling Cup. If Tottenham win the cup, it will be the first time for Jose to win the cup. Who are you looking for this time?

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