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Star value ranking, mbape first! Sterling second!!

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  1. Premier League restart or compensation!

According to the post, several Premier League clubs will hold reservations on the rules of the rematch in the discussion meeting on Thursday, which may have an impact on the restart of the Premier League. Even if the season can be completed, the Premier League has agreed to refund the broadcaster a huge amount of funds up to £ 330 million, which will be greatly increased if the restart continues to be delayed.

In addition, Germany’s “transfer market” released the latest ranking of player’s value, with mbape at the top of the list with a value of 180 million euros, followed by sterling and Neymar with a value of 128 million euros. In addition, Barcelona star Lionel Messi ranks ninth with 112 million euros. It’s worth mentioning that six of the top ten players in the table are currently playing in the Premier League.

The Premier League will pay to watch the game instead of free live broadcast, which is also worth learning from all leagues. In order to bring more fans back to the football world, one third of the remaining 92 matches in the Premier League will be broadcast live for free, including Liverpool’s “Merseyside Derby” against Everton. These measures undoubtedly make positive contributions to preserving the football culture and waiting for the comprehensive recovery after the epidemic.

  1. Manchester United’s wounded are back!

Manchester United’s boss borgba will also recover from injury. Many Red Devils fans are looking forward to the combination of borgba and Bruno Fernandez to play double trumps. Bruno himself is looking forward to working with bogba.

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