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The best goal of the Premier League season is coming. The FA Cup replay will be cancelled in the new season!

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The FA issued an official statement announcing the schedule of the match and also said that the replay system would be cancelled in the new season’s FA Cup.

According to the statement, in order to reduce the pressure on the schedule of the teams, the FA Cup in 2020-21 will completely cancel the rematch. At the same time, due to the economic impact of the new crown epidemic, the FA Cup in the new season will be reduced in terms of bonus.

  1. The best goal of the Premier League season is here

On August 13, Beijing time, the Premier League officially announced the results of the best goal in the 2019 / 20 season, and sun Xingjie was elected in a row against Burnley.

Sun Xingjie started to run all the way after getting the ball near his own forbidden area. After passing several Burnley players, he put the ball into the gate guarded by pop.

In this one-stop goal, sun Xingyao has passed eight opponents, and shot successfully against the goalkeeper, which can be called 1v9. In addition, sun’s sprint time in the first half of the game reached 3.67%, the highest speed was 33.41 km / h, and the average speed of the whole first half was 5.72 km / h.

At that time, the English media predicted that sun’s goal would definitely enter the best candidate of the season. In the end, the premier league officials decided it was the best goal in the Premier League last season.

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