The law of the Premier League’s Christmas champions, Liverpool are____

In the last six seasons, the Premier League’s Christmas Champions (top of the League on Christmas day), five teams have finally won the league title:

2014-15: the champions of Christmas are Chelsea and the blues win the cup

2015-16 season: the winner of Christmas is Leicester City, and the blue fox finally won the cup

In the end, the 2016-17 season is the Champions League

2017-18 season: Manchester City won the Christmas championship and blue moon won the cup

2018-19 season: the Christmas champion is Liverpool, and the Reds finish second in the league

2019-20 season: the Christmas champion is Liverpool and the Reds win the cup

2020-21: the Christmas champion has been confirmed to be Liverpool, so…..

By the way, you can count a few years ahead, it’s still Liverpool who didn’t win the League at Christmas!!

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