The Premier League fight for four wars to stay in the last minute, West Brom returned to the Premier League!

Beijing time this morning, the last two matches of the 37th round of the Premier League ended. Liverpool home court beat Chelsea 5-3, and won the Premier League trophy after the match.

Manchester United drew 1-1 at home to West Ham United, the Red Devils rose to third with the goal advantage, while the hammers confirmed the success of relegation.

Leicester City vs Manchester United, Chelsea vs wolves in the final round of the Premier League.

The three teams compete for four conditions as follows:

Manchester United: in the top four without losing. If you lose, you have to expect wolves to beat Chelsea.

Chelsea: top four without losing. If you lose, you have to expect Manchester United to beat Leicester City.

Leicester City: win to ensure the top four, lose out. To draw, wolves must be expected to beat Chelsea.

  1. The championship is over, West Brom is upgraded!

The 2019-2020 Championship came to an end this morning. In the final 46th round, Premier League regulars West Brom won the runner up with a 2-2 draw with Queen’s Park Rangers at home. They will advance directly to the Premier League with champions Leeds United. Brentford, Fulham, Cardiff City and Swansea are three to six places, and they will play the promotion playoffs to compete for the last place in the Premier League.

19-20 season championship promotion and surpassing situation (figures in brackets are League rankings of this season)

Direct upgrade: Liz United (1), Thib Bromwich (2);

Upgrade play offs: Brentford (3) vs Swansea (6), Fulham (4) vs Cardiff (5).

Hull City, Wigan and Charlton are the last three to be relegated to League one. One of the last pity is Wigan, who scored 59 points after 46 rounds, ranking 13th in the table. However, they were deducted 12 points due to bankruptcy and trusteeship, and finally accumulated 47 points, which was a pity to be demoted.

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