The Premier League finale, Manchester United win! Watford has been relegated!

Last night in Beijing time! Manchester United clinched third place in the Premier League 2-0 to clinch Leicester City and successfully qualify for next season’s Champions League! The match 97 minutes 29 seconds (make-up time 5 minutes), lingarde breaks the goal! This is lingarde’s first goal of the season and the last goal of the whole Premier League. Let’s look at the Premier League finale!

Premier League final in 019 / 20 season

Top 4 (Champions League): Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea

Europa League qualification: to be determined as FA Cup, Champions League and Europa League matches are not over

Relegated teams: Norwich, Bournemouth, Watford

Champions League upgrade team: 1 Leeds United, 2 West Brom, 3 playoffs champion to be determined

  1. The end of the Premier League, Manchester United into the Champions League!

The first half of the season has been very difficult for Manchester United. In January, the top management of Manchester United finally made up their mind to buy Fernandez for 80 million euro to strengthen the organization.

The magic counter attack of Manchester United this season is a sign of United’s revival in the post Ferguson era. Three relegation teams are Bournemouth, Norwich and Watford. Villa draw 1-1 away to West Ham United, villa finally with a 1-point advantage curve overtaking breathtaking.

[Premier League individual awards this season]

First goal: VALDI (23 goals)

Assists first: debrourne (20 times) tied Henry’s Premier League record

Golden Glove Award: Edson (16 times sealed)

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