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The Premier League restart plan is blocked again! Six new champions, city’s suspension appeal hearing opens next month

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The Premier League has been suspended, and most fans are looking forward to it, hoping to restart it as soon as possible, but there is new news recently, which makes people uncomfortable after reading it. On May 19, the Premier League confirmed the same day. On May 17, Sunday and May 18, Monday, a total of 748 players and club staff were tested for covid-19 nucleic acid.

Six people from three clubs were positive for nucleic acid. The positive patients need to be isolated at home for 7 days.

The Premier League collects and provides the information in order to maintain the integrity and transparency of the league.

Due to legal and operational requirements, the Premier League will not provide specific Club specific personnel information.

Also on Tuesday, David Ornstein, a well-known journalist, revealed on social network that “Watford is the most hit Premier League club so far, with three positive in the first round of the new crown virus test, including one player and two members of the coaching team. They are all OK, but will be automatically quarantined for 7 days. In addition, many players decided not to take part in Wednesday’s training

After so long suspension, I suddenly asked you who is the fourth in the Premier League. It’s a bit of a circle if you don’t play four! In addition, UEFA announced in February that Manchester City would not be allowed to play in the next two years due to alleged violations of UEFA’s financial fair play rules. Manchester City then appealed to the sports arbitration court (CAS), which this week officially announced that it would hold a hearing on the case from June 8 to 10.

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