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The Premier League was restarted on June 18. Liverpool’s championship day is finally coming. Will they win in the second round?

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The Premier League was restarted on June 18. We’ve been waiting too long @ at this moment, Liverpool have been waiting 107 days! Before the lockout, Liverpool were 25 points ahead of Manchester City.

  1. Liverpool may win the first round of the second round!

On Saturday, the Premier League confirmed the first three games after the game was restarted. The Premier League said that under the premise of meeting the safety standards, the first match day after the restart is set at June 17, which is in line with the previous tentative restart date of the Premier League. According to the latest schedule, the Premier League will be resumed after the 28th round of the make-up game, in which Aston Villa against Sheffield United is the first game after the restart of the Premier League. It is worth mentioning that when Manchester City face Arsenal in the round, if Manchester City lose, Liverpool will win the first Premier League title in the team’s history as long as they win the match against Everton on the 22nd.

  1. The sixth round of nucleic acid test in the Premier League, good news

The Premier League today confirmed that a total of 1195 players and club staff were tested for covid-19 DNA on Thursday and Friday June 4. No one was positive.

The Premier League collects and provides the above information in order to maintain the integrity and transparency of the league and will not disclose details about the club and the infected people. The results will be published after each round of nucleic acid testing.

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