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The restart of the Premier League is delayed again? Who are the previous champions!

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According to ESPN, the Premier League is increasingly likely to miss its initial goal of resuming the game on June 12, as clubs hope to postpone the start of the season.

At present, the Premier League clubs have been keeping social distance, allowing players to resume group training, which is the first phase of the plan. Next, they will resume contact training in the second phase of the plan, but they haven’t implemented it yet.

According to the daily mail, the Premier League will hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss the restart of the season. It is understood that the Premier League may adopt the combination of home and away field and neutral field to complete this season, which is a turning point of the restart plan.

Premier League restart arrangements?

Home and away or neutral~

  1. The Premier League talks reopened on Thursday

According to the daily mail, on Thursday, 20 clubs in the Premier League will hold a meeting. At that time, the proposal of “home, away and neutral field match” will be put on the agenda. At the same time, they will also ask for approval of the priority recovery date of the Premier League in principle, and will discuss the match schedule and plans to cut some match schedules.

In addition, they will have a formal vote with the broadcaster on the financial settlement. It is expected that at Thursday’s meeting, there will also be heated discussions about whether to follow the EFL to use the average points per game to determine the ranking. At the same time, the issue of neutral field competition may become another source of disagreement.

The Premier League’s proposal is to play the remaining 92 games in a neutral stadium. Last month, fierce opposition from Chelsea and Tottenham, as well as from the bottom six teams, almost killed plans to restart the game and forced people to reconsider the way to resume the game.

  1. Review of previous Premier League champions

From 1992 / 1993 to 2019 / 2020, the Premier League has 27 titles. No new Premier League title has been created because the Premier League has been suspended this season. Of the 27 Premiership champions, Manchester United have 13 seasons, Chelsea 5, Manchester City 4, arnason 3, Blackburn 1 and Leicester City 1.

It’s no surprise that Manchester United have won 13 seasons. What’s unexpected is that Liverpool, the Premier League giants, have never won the Premier League title!

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