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Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United are back in the Premier League. The rally call has been made!

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The countdown to the restart of the Premier League – three months after the suspension due to the outbreak of the new crown, the restart of the Premier League is imminent. It is more difficult to predict the effect of 92 empty matches than when Liverpool will win the title. Although 20 teams have accelerated the preparation process through friendly matches, the real test for the players who have been training for less than a month is still on the field after the restart.

  1. Regression countdown 2:

Friendly tip: the countdown to the return of the Premier League, Tottenham vs Manchester United on June 20.

The handshake ceremony was cancelled before the start of the match. Players will also learn that spitting, blowing their noses and so on are not allowed in high-intensity sports. Of course, if players forget these precautions in the game, they will not be punished.

After the game, the team or on-site epidemic prevention experts will “remind” these behaviors in time. Players can decide whether to wear masks, which is not mandatory. However, the media interview after the game is still routine. Due to the request of the broadcaster, the player and coach will still be interviewed after the game.

Players need to adapt to the environment of empty matches. Fans in front of the TV can choose to add “fan sound effect” to the broadcast.

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