Van Persie: do not regret moving to Manchester United to accept the taunts of Arsenal fans

“The main reason why I joined Manchester United is Sir Alex, so when Sir Alex left, I was very depressed, but the football world is like this, the manager came and went, the players came and went, Sir Alex has been in charge of Manchester United for 26 years, he has shaped Manchester United into a great club, but this is life.” ————Van Persie

At Arsenal, fan has scored 96 goals in 194 Premier League games, but the team is not close to winning the title. He has scored 132 goals for Arsene Wenger’s Gunners in various competitions, with only one FA Cup in 2005. In the end, the Dutch striker decided to leave Arsenal. Manchester United, Manchester City and Juve all invited him, but Ferguson became a key player.

Speaking about his move to Manchester United in 2012, van Persie said Arsenal did not offer him a contract extension at the time and said he would give £ 1 million if someone could prove the opposite. And the Dutchman claims that Gazidis has ignored his advice on team building.

It’s not just between Wenger and me, it’s more about Gazidis, how he behaves and how he handles the whole thing. “

Looking back at the whole event, I also have to look at myself and what I can do better, or do it in a different way. I shouldn’t have published that open letter.

I’ve had some wonderful memories together for eight years at Arsenal and I’m still proud of that experience. Before I went to Manchester United, I had the chance to go to Italy or Spain, but I didn’t want to. I renewed my contract with Arsenal two or three times. I still don’t regret making this decision, just like I don’t regret the decision to transfer to Manchester United.

“Ferguson played a decisive role in my choice of Manchester United. “Van Persie explained in an interview with premier league officials,” because of the way he leads the team, the stories I’ve heard, and the players United have. I really want to win the Premier League, and I see Giggs, Carrick, Scholes, Vidic and Ferdinand in Manchester United. They are all winners. They have all won. “

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