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Free Trial

free trial

If you want 3 days free trial code of our iptv service. just fill this Contact Form. we will send the Trial Codes to your email  as soon as possible. If not received it after one day, please check your Spam Box. Or contact us directly at [email protected], Or get by yourself:

Basic 3 Days Free Trial Code

Plus 3 Days Free Trial Code

Free Trial include most of  the live TV, 3000 optional subtitle vod, 7 days catchup playback(plus version).

free trial

If saying invalid Code when recharge in, please check:

(1) Check the fill codes is the correct code number.

(2) Check the apk version is correct version.

Plus Version code with ‘c’ ending.

(3)Test Code only used one time in one box

We will respond to your email as soon as possible. Note that our sales office hours are 08:00 – 24:00 HKT.

Because we use Private Network Protocol, So we didn’t need import and didn’t provide m3u link, just need install apk, Then it will download channel list automatically.
Where do you know about us or user id?