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Blood suppression! The English Premier League is completely destroyed!

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Arsenal has risen and Bayern appear exhausted. Can the Gunners complete their revenge against the South King this time? The showdown at Allianz Stadium gave the answer. Although the current Bundesliga champions are no longer able to completely defeat the North London giants with two 5-1 victories like they were seven years ago, the desperate South King still laughs to the end with Kimmich’s decisive decision. Sometimes you have to believe in blood pressure to see Bayern eliminate Arsenal without being favored.

According to the paper strength of Bayern and Arsenal, the two teams are actually evenly matched. However, due to Nanda Wang’s excessive competition on the domestic stage this season, the outside world has created the illusion that Bayern is not strong. In the first leg at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal clearly underestimated Bayern’s determination. In the situation where Saka scored shortly after the start of the game, the Gunners were overturned by the South King at home, and it was ultimately Trossard who saved them from losing at Arsenal’s home ground.

The 2-2 draw in the first leg has already proven that Bayern is not a soft potato, let alone returning to Allianz’s home ground, the South King’s combat power will only be stronger. In this game, although both sides played back and forth, Bayern Munich took the lead overall. The Bundesliga powerhouse led 2-0 in absolute chance, and the goal was also a natural occurrence. So people saw Guerrero assist Kimmich in scoring, and this golden goal determined the final result.

Until the end, Arsenal, who were lagging behind, were unable to create an opportunity to equalize the score. The total score was 3-2, and a destined match was settled like this. Bayern Munich, who have been infinitely disappointed on the domestic stage, continues the possibility of winning the Champions League, and Kane still has the hope of winning his first career championship this season. The South King will face their old rival Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the European derby, which is destined to be a battle that combines competitiveness and emotion.

As for Arsenal, they have not reached the Champions League semi-finals for 15 consecutive years, which proves that there is still much room for improvement for the Gunners on the road to revival. Last weekend, Arteta’s team lost 0-2 to Aston Villa in the league, completely losing the initiative to compete for the championship. Now, they have failed in the Champions League and experienced a turning point in the entire season. This has taught this young team a good lesson.

On the same night, Manchester City was eliminated from the Champions League by Real Madrid, and the English Premier League team was completely destroyed, which will to some extent affect the competition for the Champions League spot next season. In the 2024/25 UEFA Champions League restructuring, the top two teams in this season’s European competition can obtain five spots, and Serie A is basically guaranteed to make it to the top. The biggest competitor in the English Premier League, the Bundesliga, also holds two spots in the Champions League semi-finals. Considering that Liverpool and West Ham United are also likely to be eliminated from the Europa League, the world’s top league is likely to have a comeback this season.

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