How to install apk to fire stick by adblink?

  1. Download adblink, and Install it.

adbLink provides a link between your Android device and your computer.

Choice version by you PC system.

adbLink 4.0 for Windows    (Windows 7 or greater)

adbLink 4.0 for macOS    (10.12 or greater, 10.7 for previous versions)

adbLink 4.0 for Linux   (x86_64, Ubuntu GLIBC 2.27)

2. Connect to your box.

Enter your box ip, then click “Connect”, then TV which connected box will show “Allow USB debugging” box, Click “OK”.

3. Select APK

Click “Install APK”, will pop check Box, then Click “Yes”, choice APK which you want to install.

APK Download

4. Installing APK

5. Installed APK

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