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England ends the curse!

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The final semi-final of the European Cup was held at 3 a.m. Beijing time on the 8th. England play Denmark at Wembley Stadium in London, and the three lions end the “Danish fairy tale” 2-1 in extra time. They will meet Italy in the final to fight for the final title.

According to the BBC, the victory is of great significance for England, which has entered the International Finals 55 years after winning the world cup in 1966. Sky Sports said before the match that since 1966, England has fallen in the semi-finals one step away from the final four times. Therefore, England coach Southgate also encouraged players to win and end the “Curse” before the game.

The home court is also known as the “absolute home” of England. The British Guardian reported on 7 March that only 8000 Danish fans in the UK would go to the scene to support the team due to the restrictions on epidemic prevention at borders. According to the independent, the total number of live spectators in London will exceed 60000.

(England fans at Wembley, London)

In the 30th minute of the match, Danmark damsgow broke the deadlock with a direct free kick, which ended England’s record of zero goals in this tournament. According to the official tweet of the European Cup report on the US entertainment and sports television network, this is also the first direct free kick goal in the current European Cup.

In addition, the famous cheering slogan of England team “it’s coming home” seems to be the trend of becoming the “new stem” of this European Cup.

Before the game, some English fans showed to the camera the flag of St. George’s Cross, which was written “I believe football is coming home”, causing netizens’ attention. ↓

“Let football go home” comes from the song lyrics of the official theme song “Three Lions” of the 1996 England native European Cup, and has gradually become the motto of the team since its birth, according to the US “athletes” website on the 7th. Sky sports also introduced that during the warm-up period of the semi-final, English fans were fond of the slogan “let football go home”. They were all looking forward to “let football go home” after winning the world cup in 1966.

At the press conference just before the match, Denmark also mentioned the slogan, but the specific content seems to have been unexpected by the British media and English fans.

Asked whether the Danish team would stop “letting football go home”, Danish goalkeeper Schumacher quipped, “has football ever gone home? I don’t know. Have you ever won before. When he was reminded that England had won the 1966 World Cup, Schumacher asked, “isn’t that the world cup?”

Sky Sports said it was digging up the “bottom line” of the English team.

(Danish goalkeeper Schumacher makes fun of England’s famous slogan “let football go home”)

With this victory, England will face Italy in the final. In the early morning of the 7th, before Italy eliminated Spain, some media found that Italian fans had also ridiculed the slogan.

Some Italian fans changed the famous slogan slightly, changing “home football” to “Rome football”. ↓

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