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Liverpool, withdraw from the championship race!

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On a rare midweek match day in the Premier League, double red teams have different fates. Manchester United overturned deputy squad leader Sheffield United 4-2 after falling behind 1-2 at one point, achieving their first victory in nearly 5 rounds; Liverpool lost 0-2 to Everton in the Merseyside derby. Compared to others, Liverpool’s defeat has a significant impact on the overall situation of the Premier League. After their second loss in the past three rounds, the Reds have actually withdrawn from the competition for the Premier League championship.

Just a day ago, Arsenal beat Chelsea 5-0 at the Emirates Stadium, shouting their championship declaration with a big victory, but as both teams were in the top three, Liverpool did not show any momentum at Goodison Park. Faced with Everton, who had not defeated him in a home league for over a decade, Klopp’s team was in a chaotic rhythm from start to finish. The forward line composed of Salah, Diaz, and Nunez frequently wasted opportunities, and the defense kept giving space, allowing the Toffees to find opportunities.

In the end, Branswick and Lewin each scored one goal, and the score was set at 2-0. In stark contrast to Everton’s high morale and three consecutive home victories, it is the low morale of the Red Army general – this is Klopp’s last Merseyside derby for Liverpool, and the ending is so sad. After losing this game, Liverpool is now 3 points behind Arsenal in the standings and only leads Manchester City by one point in two more games. Everyone knows that Liverpool has lost the Premier League championship.

Just over a month ago, Liverpool fans were still longing to bid farewell to Klopp with a quadruple crown, but the collapse of reality was so heavy. On March 17th, the Red Army lost to Manchester United in extra time in the FA Cup, losing a championship; A week ago, they were eliminated by Atalanta in the Europa League; Nowadays, the hope of winning the Premier League has become slim, and the scumbag is likely to end their season with only one League Cup. This scene is very similar to two years ago, when Liverpool also competed in the fourth tier championship, ultimately only winning the FA Cup and League Cup.

This April is extremely dark for Liverpool. They first drew 2-2 with Manchester United with the advantage of the Red Cross, and then suffered a humiliating 0-3 defeat to Atalanta at Anfield in the Europa League. They returned to the league and suffered a cold home defeat to Crystal Palace. Within a week, the situation took a sharp turn for the worse. The Red Army soldiers seemed to have suddenly become broken strings, and their state couldn’t even connect.

Next, Liverpool still have four league matches to play, and even if they win all, they still hope that Arsenal and Manchester City will go crazy to win the championship, which is a negligible probability. Next, the battle for the Premier League championship will unfold between the Gunners and Blue Moon. At present, Guardiola’s team still holds the initiative. Can Arteta’s young Gunners prevent Super Blue Moon from winning an unprecedented four peat in the Premier League?

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