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No matter how many years later, we still get used to calling him ‘Xiaobei’!

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When Messi led Miami International to win the team’s first ever championship, the happiest person was David Beckham, who founded the club. From a star to a boss, Beckham personally created and witnessed the club’s 5-year development. When enthusiastic cheers rang out on the field, it couldn’t help but bring back memories of Beckham’s career as a player.

How many people have admired your youthful appearance, who knows who is willing to endure the merciless changes of time. He was the first love of countless people in football and the most eye-catching man on the football field. Someone once commented that he is the most fashionable person in the football industry and the best player in the fashion industry.

This is David Beckham, although he is no longer the original young player, no matter how many years later, fans still habitually call him Beckham.

The 1998 World Cup reminded us of Beckham. His fair haired and handsome face made many fans crazy at the time, his unruly demeanor when he took off his armband and angrily walked off the field, and the heartbreaking scene when he covered his face and cried, making this scene a classic scene in World Cup history.

He is both a beloved and an abandoned child. He was chased and exiled. He regained respect after falling out of favor, gained more respect through respect, and did not leave when he left. Beckham always touches the hearts of fans around the world, and his influence goes beyond the realm of the green field.

He has an unparalleled appearance, often making people forget that he is a strong player, with an irreplaceable Beck’s curve and often creating wonderful trajectories on the field. His full moon machete always makes the opponent’s defense line tremble with fear.

Looking at his professional career, we will definitely realize Beckham’s inherent hard power. Only players with sufficient strength can win many honors in the football world of so many countries. Wearing the captain’s armband, he led the Three Lions to travel south and north, representing major clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, and AC Milan.

Do you still remember the young Beckham’s mid court shot that year? That was in the match between Manchester United and Wimbledon. At that time, the Red Devils were leading by two goals, and Beckham saw the other team’s goalkeeper standing forward, so he boldly decided to shoot directly near the midfield. As a result, the ball crossed the goal and fell into the net!

Beckham officially declared himself on the stage of the English Premier League. That year, Beckham helped the Red Devils win the league championship, and he was elected PFA Rookie of the Year.

In the 1998 French World Cup quarter finals against Argentina, Beckham received a red card for retaliating against Diego Simone and instantly became the target of criticism from British fans.

At that time, Beckham seemed to have become a sinner, but in the 2002 World Cup qualifiers, he drew with Greece and successfully sent England to the Korea Japan World Cup on his own. From a public enemy to a national hero, this was Beckham’s path of redemption.

As one of the representative figures of Manchester United’s Class 92, Beckham made his Premier League debut on April 2, 1995, 28 years ago. Over the years, we have witnessed the birth of tens of thousands of football fans, transitioning from young and inexperienced teenagers to mature men.

David Beckham, with his stunning right foot and powerful spiritual power, has already had a global influence. For many people, this used to be a name that filled them with youthful energy. It represented the Becks curve, represented handsome elegance, and represented their once wonderful football memories.

Nowadays, there are already wrinkles on the faces of millions of fans, but as fans, we do not feel like heroes are dying for this. The once youthful Manchester United boy has gone through a shining career and now has a happy family. Beckham, who has never left football, has now opened a new chapter for Miami International with Messi and others!

From being a favorite of fans to being widely criticized, Beckham has transformed into a football superstar after self redemption. He portrays the story of a boy who has undergone trials and has grown into a man.

Years later, some still miss Beckham’s full moon machetes, the Becks arc played in midfield, and even the French red card. Time flies, but Beiying has never gone far

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