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Scam each other! 3:2! Barcelona wants to make it to the semifinals?

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“Your coaches are all our people, why are you fighting us?” Barcelona fans joked in the comments section after the first leg of the Champions League quarter finals. Of course, this is just a joke, but Paris head coach Enrique was indeed born in Barcelona, and on this night, the Red and Blue Legion did capture the Prince’s Park stadium. Rafinha’s brace and Christensen’s decisive move helped La Liga giants secure a 3-2 victory.

Paris and Barcelona met in the Champions League, and there have always been many stories to tell. In the 2013/14 season, rising Paris suppressed Barcelona in the group stage; In the 2014/15 season, the Red and Blue Legion embarked on the path of Paris to the championship, and the then head coach of Barcelona was the current Paris coach Enrique; In the 2016/17 season, there was a shocking super comeback, with the French Ligue 1 aircraft carrier beating Barcelona 4-0 at home, and the Red and Blue Legion returning to Camp Nou with an incredible 6-1 comeback.

The protagonist Neymar, who was once a great comeback, later went to Paris with a world record breaking value. Now that things have changed and everything has changed, the Brazilian has already left. The last time the two sides faced each other was three years ago, when Paris defeated Barcelona 5-2 in the round of 16, witnessing the sinking of the Red and Blue Army. It can be said that when the two teams meet again this season, they write a new story in the reunion of old friends.

And this new story is indeed exciting enough. After the start of the game, both sides actively engaged in an attack, whether it was Mbappe or Lewandowski, or Li Gangren and Rafinha, all trying to complete the goal. Before the end of the first half, it was Barcelona who scored the first goal – in the 37th minute, Donaruma saved not far and Rafinha pushed a shot, allowing the La Liga giants to enter the locker room with a leading edge.

After entering the second half, there was a sudden change in the situation on the field. Dembele scored a powerful shot to break through the door of his former club, and then Vitinha and his teammates scored a small range of coordinated shots to score a comeback. Paris completed the comeback in the 50th minute. At this moment, the Prince’s Park stadium was boiling, Paris morale was boosted, and Barcola also threatened Barcelona’s city gate with a powerful shot. It was Ter Stegen who lifted the ball out of the crossbar, preventing Barcelona from being forced into a desperate situation.

Later, Harvey’s magical replacement appeared. In the 61st minute, he let Pedri come on as a substitute, and the Spaniard sent a straight pass as soon as he appeared. After receiving the ball, Rafinha directly pushed and scored to equalize the score without stopping; In the 77th minute, Christensen also came on the field wearing a cloak, and his first touch was a header to score! Harvey became the Haq Saint, and Barcelona’s comeback was miraculous. Paris was rejected twice by the goalpost, and they could only watch as the Red and Blue Army took victory from their home ground.

From 0-1 to 2-1 and then to 2-3, it must be said that this game was full of twists and turns, as well as tactical games. It can be called a wonderful Champions League knockout match. Barcelona successfully restrained Mbappe and achieved their first away victory in the Champions League knockout stage in nearly five years. After this victory, the Red and Blue Army, which had the advantage of advancing, had risen to fifth on the championship odds list, ending Paris’ 27 consecutive unbeaten games.

After the game, Barcelona coach Xavi remained humble and said, “The team played a wonderful game, and we need to feel proud. When facing a team built to win the Champions League, we showed vitality, and we showed that. Paris is still a hot spot to advance, and the second leg will be very difficult. Now that the game is only halfway through, we have not completed anything yet. I look forward to a great atmosphere at home.”

It is worth mentioning that after Xavi announced his resignation, Barcelona has achieved 12 unbeaten matches in various competitions. One week later, the two sides will move to Camp Nou for the next round of competition. The difference of one goal will inevitably make the next round of the game full of variables. Can Mbappe sweep away the slump and contribute his final energy to Paris, and can Barcelona withstand the pressure and smoothly advance to the semi-finals? The football world is always full of variables, let’s wait and see!

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