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100 million euros! Chelsea abandons England striker and signs Osmaine, Arsenal signs Ivan Toni again

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In recent seasons, the transfer market has seen a significant increase in the value of striker and striker due to the scarcity of center forward positions. Taking the Premier League as an example, it is understandable that Bayern Munich signed Kane from Tottenham Hotspur for a transfer fee of around 100 million euros. However, Brighton has priced Ferguson £ 120 million and Brentford has priced Ivan Toni € 100 million. There is still a lot of room for discussion about such a transfer fee, and the player has not shown any corresponding performance yet.

Of course, Brighton sees Ferguson as the team’s next top player to be sold, against Kesselt, who joined Chelsea last summer. However, Brentford’s previous bid for Ivan Toni was around 60 million euros, but due to the interest from Arsenal and Chelsea, their psychological expectations for Ivan Toni have also greatly improved. The team hopes to earn income through this transfer to ensure the sustainable operation of the team.

Ivan Toni was previously suspended and unable to play, and he only had a season of explosive time in the Premier League. The transfer fee of 50 million euros is a relatively reasonable number, but the bid of 100 million euros is definitely beyond this expectation. After getting the chance to play this season, he scored 2 goals in 3 games, which is still very efficient. However, whether such efficiency can be guaranteed is also a big question.

Besides, Ivan Tony’s biggest problem is not his form and strength, but his age and ability to seize opportunities. Entering the top tier at the age of 27 is a bit late, and in a top tier team, it is definitely not possible to have the same shooting opportunities as during Brentford’s time, which will affect Ivan Toni’s transfer fee. Brentford must also know this, but they will insist on their own price even when there are not many options in the transfer market.

According to the news from renowned football journalist Romano, the teams that are currently more interested in Ivan Toni are Chelsea and Arsenal, although Arsenal has not made a formal offer before. Nowadays, Chelsea’s primary target is Osmaine from the Serie A league. With a transfer fee of over 100 million euros, Osmaine is definitely a better choice than Ivan Toni. He won the Golden Boot in last season’s Serie A league and has a certain age advantage compared to Ivan Toni. In the absence of other options, Arsenal also needs to continue bargaining with Brentford to determine whether to complete the signing. Otherwise, even if Arsenal has the need to strengthen their front line, they will consider a younger option.

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