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After 15 years, the hammers reached the top of the Premier League

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In the last game of the second round of the Premier League, West Ham United won Leicester City 4-1 at home, fornards opened the record, Ben herama made a pass, Antonio made 2 shots and 1 pass, and tilemans saved face for the blue fox.

Antonio’s number of Premier League goals rose to 49, surpassing di Canio (47) to become the first striker in the history of West Ham United English super team.

After two rounds, West Ham, Liverpool, Chelsea and other five teams all won two consecutive games. With the advantage of more goals (8), the hammers topped the Premier League table with the same points and the same goal difference.

Statistics show that this is the second time in the history of West Ham United to top the Premier League table, the last time on August 22, 2006. Since last season, Moyes has coached 40 Premier League games and scored 71 points, ranking only after the top four City magic military vehicles.

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