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Annual salary of 15 million euros! Congratulations to Real Madrid. Mbappe has made a huge concession, and the signing fee of 150 million euros is very cost-effective

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From the current salary structure of Real Madrid,

The highest paid player in the team is Cross’s 11.7 million euros,

Next are 10.8 million euros and 10.5 million euros for Alaba and Modric,

This is currently the only player at Real Madrid with an annual salary of over 10 million euros.

However, this salary is an annual salary based on net income,

If they receive all the bonuses, their salary will be 12 million euros, which is the highest salary in the team.

However, this situation will change after Mbappe joins. According to foreign media reports, the salary offered by Real Madrid to Mbappe has not broken the team’s salary structure. His annual salary at Real Madrid will be 15 million euros, which is also the salary that Azar received when he joined Real Madrid. This salary has significantly decreased compared to Mbappe’s salary in Paris Saint Germain, and even with the bonus, it is less than half of what he did during his time in Paris Saint Germain. This also shows that Mbappe has made significant concessions.

Of course, players like Mbappe joining Real Madrid cannot only focus on salary. His contract also includes bonus and portrait rights, which are important sources of Mbappe’s income. From the current news, the bonus in Mbappe’s salary contract will be around 5 million euros, which also means he can receive a maximum salary of 20 million euros. In terms of portrait rights, Mbappe can receive 60% of the portrait rights revenue, which should not be underestimated. At least, it can bring Mbappe billions of euros in revenue for the next few seasons.

The final part of the income comes from signing fees. After the end of this season, Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint Germain expires, and he will also join Paris Saint Germain as a free agent. As one of the most expensive players in the world football world today, it is understandable for Mbappe to demand a high transfer fee, and his signing fee is 150 million euros, which is an increase from previous media reports. This is also understandable, after all, if Real Madrid makes concessions in terms of salary, they naturally need to make concessions in terms of signing fees and give their own attitude.

Based on these situations, it can be seen how much concessions Mbappe has made when joining Real Madrid, and how high the transaction value of Real Madrid is. A salary of 15 million euros will not break the salary structure, and the signing fee of 150 million euros can be paid in installments over 5 years, which means that only 30 million euros of signing fee need to be paid each year. If Real Madrid were to sign Mbappe through a transfer, not only would they have to pay a high salary, but they would also need to pay a transfer fee from Paris Saint Germain. 150 million euros may not necessarily be enough to sign a player of Mbappe’s level.

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