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[Champions League] Manchester United avenged Istanbul 4-1, and Chelsea finished ahead of schedule. Ronaldo scored goals in the Champions League for 15 consecutive seasons!

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Manchester United beat Istanbul by 1 point!

In Manchester United’s 4-1 win over Istanbul, B fee again contributed to his excellent performance, scoring two goals.

According to statistics, fee B has played 35 games for Manchester United, contributing 21 goals, 13 assists and 34 goals in total. As a midfield player, fee B has scored as much as a striker.

Today’s B fee can score goals to assist, is an indispensable part of United’s tactical system. From this point of view, Manchester United’s transfer fee of 80 million euro on B fee is worth the money. As long as the next home game doesn’t lose to Paris, it will be a round ahead of schedule.

Look at Jilu! Chelsea win ahead of time

In the fourth round of group E of the European Champions League in 2020-2021, Chelsea will challenge Ryan. In the first half of the game, Werner missed the opportunity, and mount assisted oddoy to take the lead in scoring. In the second half of the match, gilashi levelled the score, and GIRU, who came on the bench, made up for the final. In the end, Chelsea beat Ryan 2-1 away, ushering in the group three consecutive wins at the same time ahead of two rounds! After four rounds, Chelsea and Sevilla are 10 points, Ryan and Krasnodar are only 1 point, and the gap with the two strong teams has reached 8 points, which has been out of the line.

Ronaldo has scored in the Champions League for 15 consecutive seasons

Ronaldo scored again and continued to write records: ① Ronaldo scored in the Champions League for 15 consecutive seasons, ranking second only to Lionel Messi and Benzema (16); ② this was the 70th home goal scored by Ronaldo in the Champions League, equalling Messi’s record; ③ Ronaldo’s total goals in the Champions League increased to 131, continuously setting his own record in the Champions League!

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