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Congratulations to Manchester United! Solskjaer talks about Cristiano Ronaldo again. He missed Haaland twice and is expected to return to the Red Devils, replacing Teng Hager

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Solskjaer has been out of the sight of fans for a long time since his dismissal from Manchester United, but when he was interviewed by Overlap, his words still sparked heated discussions among fans. From the content expressed in his interview, there are actually many regrets about coaching Manchester United, including regrets for Cristiano Ronaldo and regrets for missing Haaland twice. This has been previously reported by the media, and Solskjaer is simply repeating a similar viewpoint, and the reason for this phenomenon is the most noteworthy.

Since Ferguson left Manchester United’s coaching position, Manchester United has undergone frequent changes, and neither Mourinho nor Van Gaal have brought this old powerhouse back to its rightful height, and Solskjaer is no exception. Of course, although Solskjaer’s coaching performance was not the best in the post Ferguson era, it was by no means the worst. He led this team to another opportunity to participate in the Champions League, and also allowed Manchester United to win both home and away games in the Premier League, giving many Manchester United fans hope for their rise.

Unfortunately, Solskjaer’s coaching experience and ability still have a lot of room for improvement. After adjusting Manchester United’s lineup, his control of the locker room did not meet expectations, and the relationships between Cristiano Ronaldo, Pogba, and the young players in the team were not well managed. Moreover, Solskjaer’s arrangement of the lineup and adjustments to substitutions appeared too formulaic, with a clear gap between his ability to play on the field and that of a top coach, which also caused fluctuations in the team’s performance and his eventual departure from the Manchester United coaching position.

Regarding missing out on talented players like Haaland and Bellingham, in fact, every head coach will encounter similar situations, which reflects the shortcomings of Manchester United’s management in terms of recruitment. Haaland and Bellingham have both shown their talents early on. Whether it’s Solskjaer, Ronnie, or even other head coaches, they have recommended many excellent young players to Manchester United’s management, but Manchester United’s management has not adopted them, including Argentine striker Alvarez, who is now playing well in Manchester City, who has been criticized by Manchester United’s management for being too short in height.

Returning to the issue of Solskjaer, he has frequently appeared recently and even been associated with Bayern’s coaching position, making many fans believe this is a signal of Solskjaer’s return to Manchester United. At present, Manchester United’s performance in the league is not particularly ideal, and Teng Hage’s coaching ability is also highly questioned. His coaching position is naturally in jeopardy. If Manchester United wants to change coaches, Solskjaer is not an option that cannot be considered, provided that he has made progress in the past two years. Otherwise, his personality and coaching ability are not the best candidates for Manchester United’s revival, and he may be sidelined by the management. The most crucial point naturally depends on whether the new boss Ratcliffe is willing to give him this opportunity.

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