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Crazy 7-0! Go to the final and compete for the triple crown

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On the sleepless night of Meazza, Milan defeated AC Milan with a decisive victory over Inter Milan and reached the Champions League final again after 13 years.

This morning Beijing time, the second leg of the 2022-23 Champions League semi-finals was held at the Meazza Stadium. Lukaku assisted Lautaro to break the goal, and Inter won 1-0. The total score was 3-0 double victory over AC Milan, leading the advanced army in the final.

Last week’s first leg match against Inter Milan was a 2-0 victory, coupled with AC Milan’s recent low morale, and the winning balance has already shifted towards the Nerazzurri.

In the second round, the technical and tactical performance of both sides cannot be said to be outstanding. There were too many fouls, the scene was plain, and the technical content was average. But Inter Milan always firmly controls the initiative, and the combination of “Kaku+Taro”, one high and one fast, helps Inter Milan achieve stable happiness.

In the 73rd minute, the substitute Lukaku knocked horizontally in the restricted area, Lautaro volleyed with his left foot into the near corner, and the ball went into the net from the hand of Minyon, scoring the only goal in the court.

The two power forward who did not play well in the World Cup returned to the club to be lively. Lautaro, who wore the captain’s armband of Inter Milan, scored 25 goals in 49 games last season and 25 goals in 52 games this season. He has scored 25+goals in two consecutive seasons. Partner Lukaku has made 11 appearances recently, contributing 7 goals and 4 assists.

In the end, Inter Milan advanced 3-0 in two rounds and reached the Champions League final for the first time since 2010.

After the game, countless Inter Milan fans gathered in the square in front of the Milan Cathedral to continue their revelry, set off fireworks, and celebrate the team’s 13 year return to the Champions League final.

At this moment, in the memory of Inter Milan fans, Mourinho’s formidable trio of champions will surely emerge. After 13 years, Inter Milan has the opportunity to fulfill their long-cherished wish of the Big Ear Cup.

Inter Milan’s recent form can be described as hot, and Manchester City is comparable in Europe. Since April 23rd until now, Inter Milan have achieved an 8-game winning streak in their third line operations, scoring 22 goals and conceding only 3 goals.

In the winning matches, there were many strong players such as 1-0 Juventus, 3-1 Lazio, 2-0 Roma, 2-0 Milan, 1-0 Milan who won through dialogue, as well as 6-0 Verona and 3-0 Empoli in a massacre.

AC Milan has become the biggest backdrop for their city rivals. In 2023, Inter Milan have completed four consecutive wins against Milan in various competitions, scoring 7 goals and not conceding a single goal.

The two teams have played a total of 5 games this season. In addition to Inter Milan’s 2-3 losses in the first round of Serie A, Inter Milan also won 3-0 in the Italian Super Cup, 1-0 in the second leg of Serie A, and 2-0 and 1-0 in the Champions League. This is the second time in the history of Inter Milan that they have won 4 games in a single season, and it is also the first time in a row that they have won 4 games without a team. Goalkeeper Onana all made their debut, earning great credit.

Although in terms of league performance, Inter Milan have not been outstanding this season, having lost 11 games and only ranked third in Serie A. But on the cup stage, Inzaghi’s team demonstrated great resilience.

Inter Milan have been qualified for the cup finals three times this season, including the Italian Super Cup final, the Copa Italia final, and the Champions League final. They also have the opportunity to become the treble champions in the cup.

Inter Milan have already won a championship by defeating AC Milan 3-0 in the Italian Super Cup final, which has already been completed.

In the final of the Italian Cup, Inter Milan eliminated Juventus and advanced to the final against Fiorentina. The final was held at 3am on May 25th.

And the most important Champions League final, Inter Milan’s opponent will be between Manchester City and Real Madrid, and the final match will be held at 3am on June 11th.

We must praise the performance of Inter Milan in the Champions League this season. They were divided into the death group of Bayern and Barcelona in the group stage. They won 3, drew 1 and lost 2. The second place was qualified. The 1-0 home Barcelona and 3-3 away Barcelona laid the foundation for Inter’s qualification.

Inter Milan have entered the knockout stage with 6 matches, 4 wins, and 2 draws, successively eliminating Porto, Benfica, and Milan. They are the second Serie A team after Juventus to reach the Champions League final without losing in the knockout stage.

When Milan revisits Istanbul without a chance, Inter Milan will represent Serie A, with a much stronger challenge than their Manchester City/Real Madrid counterparts.

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