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Explode! Champions League quarterfinals draw, dead zone!

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On the evening of March 15th Beijing time, the draw for the quarter finals of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League ended, and the quarter finals and semi-finals of this season’s Champions League were determined. Real Madrid, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Bayern Munich are the four most popular contenders for the championship, gathering in the dead zone, with countless collisions between Mars and Earth. Paris, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Borussia Dortmund have all seen hope of reaching the finals. Which game are you most looking forward to during the European war?

UEFA Champions League quarterfinals draw against——

Upper half area

Atletico Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund

Paris Saint Germain vs Barcelona

Lower half area

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

Real Madrid vs Manchester City

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich

Who is the King of London on earth?

Just ten days ago, Bayern Munich was still in dire straits, facing a situation where everything was empty. However, with the Champions League comeback and elimination of Lazio, everything began to shine again. Due to the collapse of the domestic third tier, Tuchel’s coaching ability has been questioned, which has resulted in Bayern not being able to squeeze into the top three of the championship odds. However, at any time, the South Kings are competitive on the Champions League stage, and the well performing Kane is their biggest weapon.

After seven years of returning to the Champions League, Arsenal quickly became a favorite to win, but in the just concluded round of 16, the Gunners did not show absolute dominance in front of Porto. In history, Arsenal has had many sad memories against Bayern Munich, especially the two matches of the 2016/17 season with a score of 1-5, which is always a pain in the hearts of Arsenal fans. Now that Bayern is deeply imprisoned, Arsenal will be in an upward phase. Can Arteta lead the team to clear their previous shame?

Real Madrid vs Manchester City

Revenge or adding revenge to hatred?

Although it is the second most popular contender on the championship odds list, Real Madrid’s current dominance has visibly declined. In the two leg match against Leipzig, it is difficult to say who will ultimately advance unless the Bundesliga powerhouse performs poorly. There is no doubt about Ancelotti’s coaching ability, and Real Madrid, who are all competing, are also among the top in Europe. However, the dual line situation will inevitably distract the Galaxy battleships. Now that they have won the defending champions Manchester City, it is obvious that they have signed.

As the top contender for the championship, Manchester City’s strength is beyond doubt. Haaland, De Bruyne, and Foden are enough to dominate any game, but the problem is that the domestic team faces competition against Arsenal and Liverpool, making it difficult for Blue Moon to give it all in the Champions League. Last season, Manchester City beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the semi-finals of the Champions League, sending the team’s most painful defeat to the Galactic battleships. What kind of spark will the two sides collide when they meet for three consecutive seasons?

Paris Saint Germain vs Barcelona

Mbappe vs Lewandowski, who would be better off?

Unlike previous seasons, Paris is not currently a favorite to win the Champions League, and Mbappe’s departure after the season is confirmed has also made the future of French Ligue 1 aircraft carriers uncertain. However, unlike the ups and downs in the group stage, Paris defeated Real Sociedad in the round of 16, showing signs of recovery. Without a doubt, Mbappe remains the most relied upon explosive point in Paris, and the French genius also has the ability to change the course of the game on his own.

After leaving Barcelona after the season was confirmed, Xavi led the team to achieve a series of impressive results. The Red and Blue Legion not only swept away their decline in the league, but also returned to the quarter finals in the Champions League after four years. For Barcelona, who have been absent from the group stage for two consecutive seasons, drawing Paris is neither good nor bad for them. The match between Lewandowski and Mbappe, two legendary forwards, is worth looking forward to. In addition, Paris and Barcelona are relatively strong teams in the upper half, and they are bound to fight fiercely to enter the highest stage.

Atletico Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund

Who can seize the opportunity when both teams win and sign?

Compared to a group of traditional powerhouses, Dortmund doesn’t seem to be favored, even his fans jokingly call him a “big gift package”. However, being able to surpass Paris, Milan, and Newcastle in the group of death has confirmed the quality of the Hornets. In the Champions League, Atletico Madrid is an opponent that no one wants to encounter. The knockout of Inter Milan in the round of 16 proves the strength of the Bed Sheet Legion, and Simone’s team is still resilient. The two sides met in the group stage of the 2018/19 season, and ultimately each won one game. I don’t know who will laugh until the end this time.

The teams with the top four chances of winning the championship have gathered in the dead zone, and this year’s UEFA Champions League quarter finals draw is similar to previous seasons. Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Arsenal will fight for the supreme stage, while Barcelona, Paris, Dortmund, and Atletico Madrid are also full of hope. Every year on the Champions League stage, epic battles are born, and the arms race enters its most brutal moment. Which team do you prefer to win the championship?

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