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Football ran away from home and went to Rome!

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The football went home and ran away 120 minutes later. Sosgate’s “magic” substitution made England lose the final.

In the first minute and 57 seconds of the game, Luke Shaw helped England lead.

In the early morning of July 12, the decisive match of the European Cup took place – England took the lead with Luke Shaw’s goal in the first minute and 57 seconds, and Bonucci’s corner equalised in the second half.

Italian fans holding flags

After the bitter overtime, the score was still 1-1, and they could only enter the cruel penalty War: belotti’s penalty was saved by Pickford, Rushford’s penalty hit the post, Sancho’s penalty was saved by donaluma, ruorino’s penalty was also confiscated by Pickford, and SACA, who came out at last, also missed the penalty, so Italy won the European Cup!

Italy hold up the Delaunay cup.

It is worth mentioning that both Sancho and Rushford were substituted for penalty kicks at the last minute of extra time, and the result of both free throws copied the sad scene of coach Southgate 25 years ago

Bonucci equalised for Italy.

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