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Goodbye Manchester United! 20 million euros, Bayern quoted Varane, Tenghage gave up and refused to join Cristiano Ronaldo

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From Real Madrid to Manchester United, Varane has never been considered the top center back in world football, and is more suitable to become a “green leaf role” around the defensive core. This is also one of the reasons why Varane was abandoned by Real Madrid after Ramos left the team. After joining Manchester United, due to the lack of suitable partners in the team’s defensive position, Varane’s performance was not as stable as he was during his time at Real Madrid. However, he was able to become the preferred French defender in the team’s central defensive position last season. This season, due to injury and form issues, his playing time has also significantly decreased.

At present, there are not many players available for Manchester United’s central defender position. During the summer window, they even had to sign veteran Evans as a replacement for the central defender. As the season progresses, Manchester United’s center back team has undergone multiple adjustments. After several tests, it is evident that the player Tenghage currently trusts more does not have Varane’s name. Even with Lima injured, Maguire, with his training attitude and form, has once again returned to the starting lineup of Manchester United’s center backs, posing a significant threat to Varane’s position.

At the age of 30, Varane is at the pinnacle of his career, but frequent injuries in the past two seasons have dealt a significant blow to his health, with a significant decline in both attendance efficiency and performance on the field. Meanwhile, Manchester United currently hopes to solve the problem of high paying players falling out of the team. Varane, Cassemiro, and Sancho are all targets of being purged. After joining Manchester United from Real Madrid, Varane’s salary has significantly increased, with a current weekly salary of over 350000 pounds. This is also the top salary level in the Premier League and has become one of the obstacles to his transfer.

According to Sky Sports, Bundesliga powerhouse Bayern Munich is currently considering signing Varane in January. They are willing to pay a transfer fee of 20 million euros for Varane to complete the transfer of the French central defender. However, Varane is only likely to receive a contract from Bayern Munich if his salary is reduced, which is also one of the biggest restrictions on this transaction. In addition to Bayern, what is most interested in Varane is undoubtedly the Al-Nassr FC in which Ronaldo plays. They are willing to match Varane’s high salary, and there is even room for improvement. However, Varane is not ready to join Saudi Arabia.

At present, Bayern’s defensive strength is still sufficient to cope with most games, especially after signing Jinwen Zai, and the quality of this line of defense is worthy of trust, such as Delhet, Upamecano, and Delhet. However, the issue of injuries remains an important factor limiting them. Derrick has suffered injuries, and the issue of Upamekano’s injuries is unpredictable. Relying solely on Jin Wenzai is not enough to support Bayern’s goals, which is also an important reason why they hope to sign Varane in January.

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