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Goodbye Manchester United! Half of the players in the locker room are against it, but Glazer is resolute in his attitude and does not want a famous coach to support Tenghage

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Due to Manchester United’s unstable record this season, coupled with their poor performance against Newcastle, Manchester United fans and players have completely lost confidence in Tenghage. According to Sky Sports, Manchester United’s changing room has changed its attitude towards Teng Haag, with over half of the players believing that Teng Haag’s management style, tactical arrangements, and training methods are problematic. These players have developed distrust of him, and Teng Haag is also in communication with some of the team’s core players, hoping to regain the support of this group of players.

The reason for such problems mainly comes from three aspects. Firstly, Tenghage’s management style is known for his iron fisted approach, and he hopes to establish his authority in the locker room. This can naturally be achieved when the team’s performance is good, but once the team’s performance fluctuates, relying on iron fisted management will only cause players to rebound. An obvious example is when Manchester United’s performance improved significantly last season, most fans and players supported Teng Hage. However, after the fluctuation of performance this season, the support for Teng Hage has significantly decreased.

Secondly, there are also significant issues with Tenghage’s tactical arrangements and training methods. Previously, some players had provided feedback that Tenghage’s training style was too intense, focusing too much on running and neglecting tactical details, which also led to tactical confusion on the field for Manchester United, and the team even lacked stable tactics. Just after the start of this season, Manchester United has tried at least three or more tactics, but the results have not been particularly obvious. The content that Teng Hage wants to play has never truly been reflected in Manchester United’s matches this season.

The last and most crucial point is Teng Hage’s differential treatment of Manchester United players, which is one of the most harmful ways for some players, and one of the more obvious is the way he handled the Sancho issue. Despite Anthony’s clearly unsatisfactory performance, Teng Hage still stubbornly placed him in the starting lineup, and Sancho’s problem-solving approach has also caused dissatisfaction among many old Manchester United players, including Maguire, Rushford, and McTomina, who have very different opinions towards Teng Hage. Even Varane, who had just joined the team, had a broken relationship with Tenghage.

However, the opposition from the players does not seem to change the fact that Teng Hage continues to coach Manchester United. According to The Mail, Manchester United’s management still chooses to continue supporting Teng Hager in leading the current Red Devils. They believe that the current change of coach will result in all previous efforts being in vain, including the team’s expensive signings. When there was news of a coach change at Manchester United earlier, many famous coaches were contacted, but due to the current problems at Manchester United and their lineup strength, it is difficult to find a famous coach to take over this job.

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