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Goodbye Saudi Arabia! Neymar admits defeat and returns to Barcelona. Xavi has a clear attitude and does not want a salary cut

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Before leaving Paris, although Neymar’s decline in value was significant and did not receive recognition from most prestigious teams, no one would believe that Neymar’s career was nearing its end. Instead, they believed that joining any team would bring great help to the team. However, after joining Saudi Arabia, Neymar was once again affected by injuries, and his performance in Saudi Arabia did not meet the expectations of the team and fans. At present, Neymar’s future is not optimistic.

From the current situation, Neymar has only played 5 games for the team in the Saudi Premier League and the Champions League after joining the Saudi League, scoring 1 goal and providing 2 assists. Such a performance does not show the appearance of a dimension reduction blow. Compared to other superstars who have joined the Saudi League, the most crucial aspect of Neymar is not his data performance or his performance on the field. The most crucial aspect is Neymar’s attitude, as he seems to have never liked the Saudi League.

Not only did Neymar perform poorly on the field, but his relationship with the club and teammates off the field was not harmonious. There had also been news of conflicts with the team coach in the locker room, which should not have happened to any professional player. After Neymar was injured again, the time for him to return to the field is also far away. Although Neymar still has expectations for his career, this expectation may not be for achieving results, at least it has nothing to do with the Saudi League.

According to reports from Spanish media, Neymar has never given up on the idea of returning to Barcelona, including during the summer transfer period, where he made Barcelona his first choice. Even if he wants to accept a significant salary cut, he hopes to end his career at Barcelona. Moreover, Neymar believes that he should not have accepted the invitation from Paris and should not have joined the Ligue 1 league. Staying at Barcelona is the most correct choice. Unfortunately, even if Neymar wants to return, there is no chance of a return.

Harvey’s attitude towards Neymar’s return has always been very firm. He does not want Neymar to join his team, not because of Neymar’s strength, but because he is worried that Neymar’s attitude will affect the growth of young players in the team. At present, Barcelona is in a critical period of turnover between old and new players, and the young players in the team have begun to emerge. If Neymar returns, it will not only affect the growth of the young players, but also occupy their playing time. This is not the best choice for Barcelona. So even if Neymar’s attitude is clear, there is no chance of returning to La Liga again.

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