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It is revealed that Manchester United are making a special application to the Premier League to allow Ronaldo to wear the No. 7 shirt

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On August 31, according to the daily telegraph, the British media, Manchester United are applying for special permission from the Premier League professional league and hope Ronaldo can wear the No. 7 shirt. In addition, in the official team page of the Premier League, Ronaldo’s number is No. 7.

It is reported that the two sides have talked about the possibility of letting Ronaldo wear No. 7 when signing the contract.

At present, the Manchester United 7 number belongs to Cavani. The Premier League stipulates that players’ numbers cannot be changed in the middle of the season unless they transfer.

In the history of the Premier League, there is only one change in the number, that is, Chelsea registered No. 10, belonging to Benayoun, but Mata came to the team and Chelsea loaned Benayoun to Arsenal, so Mata wore the registered No. 10 player.

If Ronaldo wears the No. 7 player this time, it is also the official special affairs office of the Premier League. After all, everyone knows that Ronaldo’s arrival will bring great influence to Manchester United and the Premier League, and the No. 7 player also has different meanings for Manchester United and Ronaldo. Therefore, when Cavani is also willing to take the initiative to give up this number, the official special affairs office of the Premier League is also full of humanity.

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