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Neymar fears reimbursement for the season! 😐

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In the previous World Cup qualifier, Brazil lost 0-2 to Uruguay, Brazilian striker Neymar suffered a serious injury. Subsequently, the Riyadh New Moon official confirmed that the player had torn the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus, which is expected to be reimbursed for the season.

After suffering from this injury, the German transfer market website also compiled injury data for the Brazilian striker. It is worth mentioning that Neymar has been absent for over 700 days due to various physical fitness or injury reasons in his previous career in Paris 27 times.

Among them, several more serious injuries occurred in Paris from February 26, 2018 to May 27, 2018: metatarsal fracture, missed 90 days, missed 16 games; From January 24, 2019 to April 19, 2019: Metatarsal fracture, missed 85 days, missed 18 games; February 20, 2023 to June 30, 2023: Ankle surgery, missed 130 days, missed 15 games.

According to multiple media sources such as UOL and Brazilian Global Network, Neymar will not be able to recover for as long as 6 months, while Saudi Arabia United will end in May, which means Neymar will be reimbursed for the basic season.

This summer, Riyadh New Moon signed Neymar for a transfer fee of nearly 100 million euros and a salary of $300 million over two years. He has played 5 games for the team and scored 1 goal so far this season. Now he will be absent for a long time. According to previous statistics from Germany, Neymar was injured 27 times during his time in Paris, missing a total of over 700 days.

Neymar wrote in a post: ‘This is a very sad moment, and also the worst moment.’.

I know I am strong, but this time I need more support from my family and friends.

Going through injuries and surgeries is not easy, let alone going through them again after a four month recovery period.

I have faith, and even a little too much

But I entrust my strength to God, and may he grant me strength again.

Thank you for your support and care

In summary, Neymar’s injury history in Paris Saint Germain can be described as a winding and bizarre experience. 27 injuries, over 700 days of recuperation time, and a record of absence in 115 games all highlight a major flaw in Neymar’s career. For Neymar, recovering from injuries and maintaining good physical health are undoubtedly the issues he needs to focus on in his future development. Only by getting rid of his troubles can he truly demonstrate his comprehensive strength.

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