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No waves! Champions League round of 16 match: Manchester City Xiti big gift package! Simone Derby is here

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On December 18th at 19:00 Beijing time, the draw ceremony for the quarter finals of the 23-24 UEFA Champions League was held in Nihon, Switzerland. The highly anticipated round of 16 of the Champions League was successfully announced!

UEFA Champions League top 16 teams

Seed teams (advancing first in the group): Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, Barcelona.

Second tier teams (advancing second in the group): Copenhagen, PSV Eindhoven, Napoli, Inter Milan, Lazio, Paris Saint Germain, RB Leipzig, Porto.

The draw for the round of 16 follows the avoidance rule of the same country and group, with the seeded teams playing away first and then home against the second tier team. Therefore, it is highly likely that the round of 16 dialogue will not advance to the final level.

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 match situation

After the draw is completed, all the matches in the round of 16 of this season’s Champions League will be determined. The outcome of this match is likely to have no waves in the hearts of many people. It’s not an exaggeration to say that even fans who only know the badges of some European top clubs after watching the game can roughly guess which teams can advance to the quarter finals of this Champions League!

In the past few seasons, many strong teams have staged peak matches in the round of 16, directly increasing the topic and making fans doubt whether they have made any moves. However, the so-called strong dialogue did not take place in this round of 16 match. It seems that only the match between Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid is still quite suspenseful and eye-catching, which is the legendary Simone derby?

Interestingly, Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone and Inter Milan coach Simeone Inzaghi have been teammates at Lazio. It can be known that there will definitely be a team led by Simone who will enter the quarter finals of the Champions League!

In this UEFA Champions League, up to 4 teams from La Liga have successfully qualified for the round of 16. When the draw results came out, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid both faced strong opponents, and Barcelona seemed to have the upper hand. On Real Madrid’s side, they have encountered RB Leipzig, a Bundesliga powerhouse with consistently poor signings in recent seasons!

RB Leipzig is really lucky, as they have collided with Liverpool, Manchester City, and Real Madrid, all of whom have the momentum to compete for the championship. Although currently ranked third in the Bundesliga, how can it not be a big gift package in the eyes of Champions League king Real Madrid?

Seeing the result of this draw, Manchester City is undoubtedly the happiest team. As the Champions League champions of last season, they are expected to compete for the title this season. I saw a fan say that Manchester City has directly walked to the quarterfinals this time.

However, when congratulating Manchester City on receiving the big gift package, we cannot ignore the strength of Danish powerhouse Copenhagen. They have successfully won Manchester United 4-3 before, but who can say they cannot continue to perform unexpectedly?

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