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Premier League finale, Manchester City champion, Tottenham successfully compete for 4, Leeds United relegation! Son Heung-min & Salah share golden boots!

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The Premier League finale is here: Manchester City has the last laugh, and Tottenham wins the Champions League!
The final round of the Premier League is over.

Among them, Manchester City defeated Villa 3-2, Liverpool 3-1 Wolves, Tottenham 5-0 Norwich!
In this way, Manchester City beat Liverpool by 1 point to win the league title this season, and Liverpool won the runner-up!
Tottenham defeated Norwich without any suspense and won the Champions League seat firmly, and Sun Xingmin locked the golden boot, perfect!
Arsenal and Manchester United secure Europa League spots! Burnley, Watford and Norwich relegated!

In the final round of the Premier League, Manchester City won the 6th Premier League championship trophy, Tottenham beat Arsenal in the final round to win the Champions League qualification, Sun Xingmin won the Premier League Golden Boot this season with 23 goals, Manchester United… Come on!

Congratulations to Guardiola for leading Manchester City to the fourth Premier League title in his career.

The Premier League’s 9th final game to determine the championship! There has never been a reversal before, Manchester City and Liverpool have won nearly 3 times

Son Heung-min wins the Premier League Golden Boot with 23 goals! Become the first Asian top scorer in the five major leagues. In the early morning of the 23rd, in the final game of the Premier League this season, Tottenham beat Norwich, which had been relegated, 5-0, locking in the fourth place in the league, thereby qualifying for the Champions League next season. Son Heung-min scored twice in this game, raising his league goals to 23 and sharing the Premier League Golden Boot this season with Liverpool player Salah, who also scored 23 goals. It is worth mentioning that among the 23 goals of Son Heung-min, there is no penalty, while Salah has 5. Son Heung-min became the 10th winner of the Golden Boot in Premier League history without a penalty kick in a single season, and became the first top scorer from an Asian country in Premier League history. This is also the first time in the history of the five major European leagues that an Asian player has won the league golden boot.

What a beautiful night! Manchester City miraculously reversed and won the championship, Leeds United successfully relegated, Sun Qiuwang got the golden boot, and Milan returned to the top of Serie A after 11 years! Football really deserves our love and enjoyment.

No matter how exciting the process is, the Premier League came to an end on this night. It is foreseeable that the competition between Manchester City and Liverpool will continue in the future, and the red and blue competition will weave another prosperous era of the Premier League. The ownership of the championship is always settled in one thought, which is probably the most primitive charm of football. On this night, Super Blue Moon was crowned, Tottenham laughed proudly and competed for four, and Son Heung-min shared the golden boot with Pharaoh. How can you not love such a Premier League?

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