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Reverse! Announce a change of judgment! Great changes in the Premier League

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Due to the official correction of Everton’s penalty points in the Premier League, there have been new changes in the Premier League’s relegation situation this season.

The Premier League announced on its official website this week that the Independent Committee of the Premier League has made a revised ruling on Everton’s appeal for penalty points. Everton’s penalty points for violating the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability Rules (PSR) have been reduced from 10 points to 6 points.
In November last year, the English Premier League officially issued a statement stating that Everton had suffered a loss of £ 124.5 million over three seasons due to a violation of the Premier League’s financial rules, exceeding the PSR’s allowed £ 105 million red line, and decided to immediately deduct 10 points from Everton.

This is the highest single point deduction record for a team in the more than 30 years since the establishment of the English Premier League. Everton’s prospects for relegation have also been heavily overshadowed as a result.

After being fined a deduction of 10 points, Everton officials were shocked and appealed, stating that the decision was “completely disproportionate and unfair”. Considering that Manchester City is involved in 115 financial regulations but has not yet been punished by the Premier League. Everton has every reason to believe that he has been treated too harshly.
After three months of accepting Everton’s appeal, the Premier League officials re sentencing Everton this week, reducing their penalty from 10 points to 6 points. Everton is also satisfied with this result.

“Everton Club is pleased to be informed that the appeals committee has confirmed that the deduction has been reduced from 10 points to 6 points and will take effect immediately. We are satisfied with the result of the reduction in the deducted points,” stated in the toffee statement

Get 4 points back, Everton leads the relegation zone by 5 points

After 26 rounds of the Premier League, Everton has a record of 8 wins, 7 draws, and 11 losses, with a normal score of 31 points. After being deducted 10 points, their score is 21 points, ranking 17th and only leading the relegation zone by 1 point.
But the punishment changed from deducting 10 points to deducting 6 points, and Everton’s points increased by 4 points, rising from 21 points to 25 points and ranking 15th, surpassing Brentford and Nottingham Forest.
And Toffee’s lead over Luton in the relegation zone has increased from 1 point to 5 points, which is a clear advantage. The situation of avoiding relegation is much more optimistic in an instant.

The downgrade probability given by data website OPTA has decreased by 12 percentage points from 16.4% when Everton deducted 10 points to 4.4% after the revised verdict. Of course, the improvement in Everton’s situation also means that the probability of other relegation teams being relegated further increases.

Another accusation, Everton&Forest may still be penalized

But Everton cannot be happy too early now, as they are also involved in another accusation. According to TalkSPORT, Everton and Nottingham Forest still have new PSR charges to deal with, and both teams may face new penalty points.
A new hearing on Everton and Forest violations is scheduled for March, and an independent committee will investigate these two cases and must determine the specific punishment results before April 8th. If points are deducted, both clubs will have 7 days to appeal.

The final verdict must be confirmed before the annual shareholders meeting of the Premier League, which is May 24th of this year, which is also the 5th day after the end of the Premier League season.
This will lead to various possible scenarios: both teams may regain the deducted points through a successful appeal; Or the investigation committee may discover more violations and deduct more points.

Due to Everton and Forest both fighting for relegation, even a slight change of 1 or 2 points could potentially affect ranking and lead to completely different results in relegation/relegation.
In short, the fate of both Everton and Forest may change after the 38 rounds of the Premier League, which is a cruel and unpredictable ordeal.

What the coaches of both teams, Sean Page and Nuno, need to do now is to lead the team as much as possible to score more points in the remaining games and store enough capital to be deducted points.

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