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Tencent signs the Premier League! Can the sage catch up with himself when he comes back?

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On the evening of September 17, Beijing time, Tencent sports announced that it had reached a cooperation with the Premier League, officially becoming the exclusive new media broadcasting platform of the Premier League in mainland China. It will broadcast the remaining 372 matches of the Premier League in 2020-2021. Tencent sports will present all the games to Chinese fans from the second round. It is reported that Tencent spent 10 million dollars to win the copyright of the Premier League for one year.

Goose factory 666! Your members are going to recharge!! Are Premier League fans finally waiting for this day? From then on, raise your head in front of NBA fans!

Here comes the race

In addition, Real Madrid winger Daniel Bell will fly to London on Friday to complete his return to Tottenham, BBC reported. At present, spurs and Real Madrid are still discussing the deal and have achieved positive results. Once the loan deal is finalized, bell will travel from Madrid to London to complete his return to Tottenham.

Real Madrid continue to train today, and according to the pictures taken so far, bell arrived at the baldbebas base in the morning of September 17 local time. The players have not been involved in the team’s practice in the past week and have not appeared in any official images.

According to sky sports, bell had said goodbye to his teammates at the base in the morning. According to Movistar + TV and COBE radio, bell had most of the physical examinations in Madrid yesterday, along with regelon. Bell is expected to fly to London tomorrow.

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