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The English Championship season has ended, Burnley has won the championship with over 100 points, and Sunderland is coming from behind!

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The final of the English Championship season! Sunderland comes from behind

  1. Burnley won the league championship, Sheffield United finished second in the league, and the two teams secured a spot for promotion, returning to the Premier League next season.
  2. Teams ranked 3rd to 6th, including Luton, Middlesbrough, Coventry, and Sunderland, qualify for the playoffs and compete for the last spot to advance to the Premier League. Please refer to the comments section for the standings.

In the final round, Millwall lost 3-4 at home to Blackburn, with the Lions finishing 8th and the Violent Bens 7th. Both teams missed the playoffs. On the contrary, Sunderland benefited from it, winning in the final round, equaling Blackburn in points, and ultimately finishing sixth on goal difference and advancing to the playoffs.

  1. The three teams at the bottom of the standings, Wigan Athletic, Blackpool and Reading, will be relegated to the Premier League next season.
  2. The 27 year old forward/shadow forward who plays for Middlesbrough, from Arsenal’s youth academy, Akpeng, scored 28 league goals and became the golden boot of the English Championship.
  3. The champions and runners up of the English Premier League, Plymouth and Ipswich, will be promoted to the English Championship next season. Xie Wednesday+Barnsley+Bolton+Pittsburgh, playing in the playoffs to compete for the last spot to advance to the English Championship.

Championship Upgrade playoffs:

May 14th at 00:30, Sunderland Luton

May 14th at 19:00, Coventry Middlesbrough

May 17th at 03:00, Luton Sunderland

May 18th, 03:00, Middlesbrough Coventry

The winners of the two matches will compete for the final promotion spot on May 27th.

In the final round of the Champions League that ended on Monday, Blackburn defeated Millwall 4-3 away, causing both teams to lose their chance to make it to the top six. In the end, Sunderland became the last team to make it to the top six. They will compete with Luton for a final ticket, and another game will take place between Middlesbrough and Coventry.

In the English Premier League, Everton, facing a difficult relegation situation, defeated the powerful team Brighton 5-1 away and scored a golden 3 points.

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