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The final suspense was revealed over the weekend, wonderful~

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The finale of the 2021/22 Premier League season will be staged on Sunday night.

In the final round of the Premier League, the two championship trophies will go to Manchester City and Liverpool respectively. The trophy that gets Manchester City is the real one, and the one that goes to Liverpool will be a replica.

In the 38th round of Manchester City vs Villa, Liverpool vs Wolves will start at the same time. Considering that the two teams are only 1 point apart, with the Blue Moon and the Red Army both having a chance to win the title, Premier League CEO Richard Master Sterling will come to Manchester City with the real trophy on Sunday, while the exact same working team and trophy replica will be at Liverpool.

The Premier League’s 9th final game to determine the championship! There has never been a reversal before, Manchester City and Liverpool have won nearly 3 times

The Premier League title suspense will continue into the final round as Liverpool reversed Southampton 2-1. According to statistics, this will be the ninth time the Premier League decides the championship in the final round.
1994-95 season: Blackburn, Manchester United
1995-96 season: Manchester United, Newcastle United
1998-99 season: Manchester United, Arsenal
2007-08 season: Manchester United, Chelsea
2009-10 season: Chelsea, Manchester United
2011-12 season: Manchester City, Manchester United
2013-14 season: Manchester City, Liverpool
1018-19 season: Manchester City, Liverpool
2021-22 season: Manchester City/Liverpool
Among them, Manchester United were involved in the first six and Manchester City were involved in nearly four.

It is worth mentioning that in the first 8 final rounds to decide the championship, no team in the Premier League was able to complete the reversal, and it was the team that ranked top before the game finally won the championship. Among them, in the 1994-95 season, Blackburn lost to Liverpool, but Manchester United drew with West Ham and missed the lead; in the 2011-12 season, Manchester City reversed with two goals in stoppage time, ending Manchester United’s hope of winning the title. This is also the two closest reversals in the final round of the Premier League.

The final round of fixtures: Tottenham will play Norwich at the bottom of the table, and Arsenal will play Everton, who have not yet locked in relegation.

After this game, Chelsea, ranked third with 70 points, has locked in the top four in advance, and the Blues have two games left against Leicester City and Watford.

If Liverpool win the final round, the points will reach 92 points. That’s a score that has clinched 25 titles in the past 30 Premier League seasons, but could still be second this year.

Currently in the Premier League standings, Manchester City is still 1 point ahead of Liverpool with 90 points in 37 rounds. Manchester City can take the initiative to win the title as long as they beat Aston Villa at home in the final round. But it is worth mentioning that Manchester City has been in a state of ups and downs recently. In the last round against West Ham, it was just a thrilling draw. Last round against Aston Villa, Aston Villa had Reds legends Coutinho and Gerrard. Pull, Coutinho and Gerrard will send a big gift to the old club, which is worth looking forward to.

[Premier League Golden Boot, see the final round, Salah or Sun Xingmin? ] This is the Premier League, the first league of football. As many as 7 suspense remain in the final round of the league, full of drama, giving fans more surprises and surprises. Only with enough suspense and topics will it attract more fans’ attention and generate considerable broadcast revenue. This is why EPL is doing better.

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