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The King Mu, who can’t stop him, is too strong!

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Mbape is too strong

Defending champion France defeated Poland 3-1 and advanced to the last eight. Forward Mbape played a good role in scoring twice.

After scoring goals in this game, Mbape became the youngest player to score 9 goals in the World Cup at the age of 23 and 349 days. The previous record holder was legendary Portuguese football star Eusebio, nicknamed “Panther”, who broke the record at the 1966 World Cup at the age of 24 and 182 days.

Mbape has scored five goals in this World Cup, and he has scored nine goals in the last World Cup. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have played in the World Cup for five times, but they haven’t used more than nine goals. In addition, at the age of 23, Mbape scored 250 goals and assisted 114 times in 360 games, which is far more than Messi (148 goals+68 assists) and Ronaldo (118 goals+69 assists). Too strong

In this war, Mbape broke six records:

  1. The total number of goals in the World Cup has surpassed 8 goals of Maradona and Cristiano Ronaldo, and tied with 9 goals of Messi;
  2. Mbape’s national team scored 33 goals, surpassing Zidane and ranking 7th in the history of the French national team;
  3. Mbape surpassed Pele in 9 World Cup goals, becoming the player under the age of 24 who scored the most in the World Cup;
  4. Mbape has scored five goals in the World Cup knockout, equaling Zidane (excluding three or four final goals);
  5. Mbape was the first person in the history of the French team to participate in 7 consecutive World Cup goals, 5 goals and 2 assists;
  6. Mbape became the first French player to score 4+goals in many World Cups.

It must be said that Messi’s divine map is always one to many, while Mbape’s divine map is another style: galloping, letting the opponent follow behind with desperation. In the World War I against Poland, Mbape under the slow door camera showed the shadowless foot magic skill! It’s the best martial arts in the world!

You can say that compared with what Messi Ronaldo has achieved, Mbape is nothing! How many golden balls does he have? But brother, if you have ever played football, you know that in some moments on the court, success and fame are really scum in front of youth. At that moment, it is no more than honor and resume. What is more, it took you a few minutes to step out of that step.

In the other game, England continued their “youth storm”. The attack of Bellingham, Saka, Fodon and other young players made the Senegalese team’s defense lose sight of one another. Finally, with the goals of Henderson, Cain and Saka, the “Three Lions” won with three goals.

According to the schedule, France and England will have a direct dialogue on December 10.

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